A closer look

I can't believe I get to live here! I think it all the time.

If you have visited Bear Lake on the Utah Idaho border, you've felt the magic of this place, and the quiet beauty of the mountains. It is a little piece of heaven and I love every changing season, even the snow. Luckily my family loves it too and we hope to live here forever.

You may catch me on the streets of Garden City trying my hand at Street Photography. I walk the area capturing moments that tell a story, illustrating something unique about the people I see. If you're curious, I post my work on Instagram under #bearlakestreets.

Outside of photography, I spend my time creating landscapes with oil paint and watercolors. They are both favorite mediums, and I can't leave one behind. To see the latest of what I've painted, follow Bear Lake Art on Etsy and Instagram for updates.

I'm also a budding muralist and plan to create several in the Bear Lake area. You'll find my first one at the Garden City Park. #bearlakemurals

And when I really need to decompress, I'm out in my garden, coaxing my plants to grow.


Hannah wrote

“We can never thank you enough for the photos! You have been a pleasure to work with from beginning to end and the photographs are simply perfect. I love them all! Our family reunion in Bear Lake really was magical and I am thrilled to have such wonderful pictures to remember it by.”

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