Single Family

This package is for a single family unit.
60+ edited high-resolution images. Up to 60 minutes shooting time. Images viewable in a private online gallery for easy sharing and downloading.


multi-family packages

I specialize in multi-families of all sizes, and offer 3 packages.

From simple to extensive.

$400, $850 and $1500


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Not at this moment. My health has limited me and I can't work multiple hours on my feet.

Do we get to choose which photos you edit?

Because of the complexity and size of family groups, I do not take client input on which heads to swap and Photoshop. I take great care in choosing and creating each portrait. I ask that you trust me to choose the best from what I take.

I have family members that can't make it to our reunion but I still want them in the group photo. Can you photoshop them in?

I do not photoshop missing family members into images. But you are welcome to find someone to do that for you.

HOw long have you been doing family photography?

I've been photographing families professionally since 2005. I've been in Bear Lake since 2012.

I've had a camera in hand ever since I was in grade school.

What time of day is best to meet?

For multi-families, my favorite time to meet is morning between 9am and 10am depending on location. In the summer, mornings are cooler, and kids are generally happier at the start of day. The winds pick up in the afternoons, and if there is bad weather in the forecast, it typically hits in the afternoon.

But if you have your heart set on the golden hour or a beach sunset session, then I like to meet around 7:30pm in the summer.

What if the weather turns bad?

The majority of my clients haven’t had to deal with bad weather, but a few have. I’ve written a blog post addressing some of our options in case the weather is gusty or rainy. I am usually flexible with time and can meet clients sooner or later than planned if we need to beat or wait out a rain storm.
Or we can change the location and do photos inside at your cabin if you have a large enough room.
For more in depth information on this question visit:

June is our rainy month. July and August are mostly sunny.

Can I print my images anywhere I want, or do I have to buy through you?

The session fee is priced such that you are purchasing the right to print where and how you desire. If you want prints from a professional studio that is calibrated to give you the best in color and image quality, I am happy to offer prints to my clients. I can not guarantee the quality of prints if you use a third party store.

can I call you?

I coordinate with so many clients a week in the summer months that I prefer email communication. This helps me keep track of all our discussions, and it is efficient to have a record of what we talk about. Once we book, you will have my number in case you need to reach me.

why do you require payment up front?

Due to the nature of living in a resort town, I make my living during the summer months. I get inquiries daily from families, and I want to book those who are ready to commit. Your payment reserves your day with me. Past families have liked having payment taken care of before they arrive on vacation. One less thing to think about. But I am happy to work with families that need to make multiple payments.

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